who is eclectic?

About us


Eclectic Sport Management is a division of Eclectic Holdings which was formed in 2003 as a small multi-medium enterprise that would provide management services to athletes and sport entities throughout the country and globally.

Management share 30 years experience in business administration and management, consulting, law, sport, wellness, career coaching, and project & event management. Their qualification amongst others includes  Master’s degree in clinical Psychology, Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, National diploma in Sport and Exercising Technology, financial management and project management;  Certificate in Development and Advancement of Soccer and Sports in General, Project Management and Wellness Center Management,

Eclectic Sports Management has vast experience and our management has been involved, either individually and as a company in the events, talent and sport business management, sports consulting and product sales. In the past 5 years of operation, 600 athletes were coached and trained, over 30 semi-and professional were provided with management services, 4 regional soccer events were partner-hosted (Eclectic Soccer Challenge, Malik beach hockey, Masakhane games, MTN five a side, Supersport five-a-side, spurs Masidlale soccer games, Gauteng Cup, Engen, Wits Sports Technicians Lekgotla) and, also organised a marketing and advertising campaign for Morula genesis wellness center.

Eclectic Sports Management business philosophy is to provide solutions to both athletes and sport entities by offering high-end quality services that is tailor made, efficient to the service consumer. Our business strategy is to create partnerships, strategic alliances, joint ventures and start-ups with different business in all the levels of distribution channel by partially or fully planning, implementing and controlling the business processes.

We aim to achieve this by engaging with those who are at the very forefront of the industry, to keep raising the bar to the effect that our partners and stakeholders receive the best packages available at all times. We are equipped with accredited professionals who have the competency, skill and capabilities to see to it that all necessary processes are dealt with in a meticulous manner.

“We are looking forward to creating competition, growing our brand and overcoming the challenges in this cut-throat but feasible and interesting industry thus, ultimately to enhance the sports management arena globally”


why choose us

our mission

The organisation’s mission is founded on the idea that maintaining satisfied customers is essential to the financial health of the organisation.  Our company will attract and maintain a loyal customer base through its customer-oriented focus on business. All employees are trained and held responsible for providing superior service, developing a long lasting trust bond with customers.

our vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading sports management companies of choice in the country and internationally.  Eclectic Sports Management aims to manage sport in such a way that we create brands out of athletes and entities, hence increase athletes quality of life and earning potential for all stakeholders involved.

goals & objectives

•Establish strategic partnerships
•Promote Education through sport
•Allow for a diversified balance of our client base
•Operate and evolve in direct response to the sports industry demands
•Seek to represent mature, disciplined, professional and naturally talented sport persons
•Manage, develop and nurture future talent for our country as a whole
•Partner and represent people/entities that would help enhance economic growth(directly/indirectly)
•Manage and promote our talent as Proudly South African
•Diversify our business operations in order to enhance and create continuous opportunities globally
•Understand our client’s needs and therefore provide solutions that are innovative and add value•Grow the Eclectic brand•Become a management company of choice•Increase our market visibility

value preposition
  • Allow for a diversified balance of our client base
  • Operate and evolve in direct response to the sports industry demands
  • Seek to represent disciplined professional and naturally talented sport personalities
  • Manage, develop and nurture future talent for our country as a whole
  • Represent individuals/entities that would help enhance economic growth (directly/indirectly)
  • Manage and promote our talent as Proudly South African
  • Diversify our business operations in order to enhance and create opportunities
  • Thus we will be operating in those areas that will enhance and improve our overall service to our clients in such a manner that we become the best.