what we do


service offering

Management Division

Together with our potential clients we will plan, organize and produce sport events such as tournaments, sport cooperate competition, school & community sport projects. Our services offer site branding and management, event programming, securing sponsorship and evaluation. We also offer facilitation management which includes, hiring out and sourcing of people to rent the venue, ground-maintenance, security and crowd control during the event and after event clean-up operations.


Sponsorship & Endorsements

We facilitate sponsorship for clubs and athletes, from sourcing a sponsors, to negotiations phase and the implementation phase to the contract for the mutual benefit of the sponsor and sponsored. This includes ad hoc sponsorship to long-term arrangements.

Merchandizing and Marketing

Through our own initiative and collaboration with our network of sports services providers and experts, we facilitate for our clients to receive the best deal on sport equipments, sports apparel and events ticketing. Furthermore we participate in the distribution of replica apparel and other merchandise of local professional clubs to grassroots consumers.


We offer wellness services and support targeting emerging or professional individual athletes or club, our services includes life coaching and mentoring, financial management, career guidance, lifestyle management and psychological services. We are also committed to developing our technical aspect of our sport through training & development of coaches and administration. Together with our network we will develop a comprehensive plan and organize the project from start to completion